Overview & Vision


Kosovo Location

Stone Alliance LLC is a new US company established to develop Kosovo's unique dimension stone resources.  It is 59% owned by Fox Marble Holdings PLC, the London Stock Exchange (AIM) quoted dimension stone quarrying and processing company with established operations in Kosovo and Macedonia.

Stone Alliance LLC is chaired by Lt. Gen. (US Army Retd.) Michael D Barbero.  He is supported by a management team comprising US, UK and Kosovo nationals with extensive experience in the stone industry, international business and finance and of working in Kosovo and the South West Balkans.



The Kosovo Marble Highlands

The Stone Alliance LLC vision is to:

  • open 40 quarries and 4 processing facilities to exploit the 265 million tons of marbles of identified resource
  • build on the opportunities presented by Kosovo's unique geology, low costs of production, educated workforce and proximity to major markets as well as the experience of key partner, Fox Marble PLC, to create a new dimension stone industry in Kosovo
  • bring premium quality marble to the global market in a range of commercially-attractive colours
  • quarry, transform and market a range of stone products and bi-products from its Kosovo hub
  • create around 2,000 jobs and contribute towards re-balancing the Kosovo economy both directly and through exposing Kosovo, across the range of its economic potential, to significant investors who might not otherwise have considered it.

Support & Advocacy

Local Political Support

Stone Alliance MoU Signing Ceremony, 4 October 2016.

(l-r:  Ambassador G Delawie, Speaker K Veseli, Lt Gen M Barbero [Chairman], Mr A. Zeka [US Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo])

Stone Alliance LLC:

  • has been welcomed to Kosovo in an official letter from HE Dr Isa Mustafa.  Dr Mustafa is the leader the LDK (Democratic League of Kosovo) and was, when he wrote the letter,  Prime Minister of Kosovo.
  • has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Kosovo Parliament Speaker,  HE Mr Kadri Veseli (see inset photo).  Mr Veseli is also leader of Kosovo ruling coalition partner, the PDK (Democratic Party of Kosovo).  The MoU commits the parties to work together to build a fully compliant business that will benefit both the company and the people of Kosovo.

The company is grateful to former Prime Minister Mustafa and Speaker Veseli for their support.


US Dept of Commerce Commercial Advocacy

Stone Alliance LLC has obtained US Dept of Commerce Commercial Advocacy.  Advocacy ensures that the Company has the support of the US Ambassador to Kosovo, Greg Delawie, and his staff. 

  • The Advocacy Center is a unit of the Global Markets bureau of the International Trade Administration of the US Dept of Commerce.
  • The role of advocacy assistance is wide and varied. It provides a route by which the US government can advocate on behalf of companies with foreign governments or government owned corporations. 
  • Advocacy was approved and awarded to Stone Alliance in November 2015. 

The company is grateful to the Ambassador and his team for their tireless support.


Marble Outcrop

  • Fox Marble operations and further survey work shows that Kosovo has a rich and varied dimension stone resource.
  • The resource comprises a mix of dolomitic limestone, marble and onyx in a very wide range of colors and patterns.
  • Stone Alliance has reserved exclusive rights for a 40 year period to 40 quarry sites on some of the most promising stone reserves.  Together, these resources have an estimated potential yield of 265 million tons of stone over the initial 40 year license period.
  • These rights have been obtained with the express cooperation of the Kosovo Government in order to support the creation of a viable new dimension stone industry together with the direct and significant benefits to the Kosovo economy. 

Proposed Operations


Survey Cores

Stone Alliance LLC has conducted surveys of quarry sites across Kosovo.  This has enabled the company to apply for exploration licenses for all 40 quarries under the Kosovo Law on Mines and Minerals.  The effect of this is to ensure that the company has the exclusive right to complete the more detailed engineering submission demanded before exploitation licenses are granted. 

Each quarry will be:

  • overseen by a team of expert international quarry masters under the guidance of a senior Italian consultant in a model of operations proven by Fox Marble.  These experts will:
    • supervise and maintain operational effectiveness, efficiency and safety in the quarries
    • lead on quarrying quality control
    • initiate a program to train local Kosovar quarry masters and workers
  • equipped with world class equipment from the most reputable manufacturers in Italy and in the US.



Stone Alliance LLC processing facility sites have been identified.  Locations balance proximity to raw materials, current and future transport infrastructure and human resource.

  • Processing will be overseen by a team of expert international supervisors in a processing model developed by Fox Marble.  These experts will:
    • supervise and maintain operational effectiveness, efficiency and safety in the factories
    • lead on processing quality control
    • initiate a program to train local Kosovar processing managers and supervisors
  • Processing facilities will be equipped with world class processing equipment.



The initial expertise required to successfully identify, develop and operate the entire operation will be provided by Fox Marble which will be the operations company for Stone Alliance.  Fox Marble will provide:

  • a proven management team of stone industry and international business professionals from the US, UK, Italy and Kosovo
  • the technical and strategic planning, implementation and operational management
  • the marketing, sales and distribution platform.


Governance and Compliance

Stone Alliance will bring to Kosovo a large scale commercial project with world class business governance and compliance. This means:

  • strict adherence relevant to Kosovo, US and UK legislation
  • Compliance will be guaranteed through working closely with the Government of Kosovo and the US Embassy
  • Governance will be assured by a board of directors comprising prominent individuals of impeccable reputation. 


For more information please contact info@stonealliance.net